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Do-it-yourself stationery is becoming more and more popular. For those of you who like a challenge or simply want the satisfaction of saying ‘I made them myself’ then DIY is just for you!

For the budget conscious bride then DIY is absolutely the way to go, you can save yourself quite a few dollars by doing your invites yourself.

For those looking to make their event something really personal, get your creative juices flowing and create your own unique design and style! Or if you have fallen in love with one of our designs then simply choose form our easy DIY options and kits.

If you would love to make your invitations but do not have time to create then try one of our simple DIY kits. We can even print them for you so you just have to assemble them!


If you are keen to print & make your invitations then here are a few tips:

* You don't need a big fancy printer to achieve great looking invitations and stationery! A simple ink jet printer can do a great job. Make sure you choose the right papers for your printer and check the settings.
* Choose your envelope size first! There is nothing worse than deciding on a design and than finding you can't get an envelope to fit it.
* Test, test, test! Before putting your beatiful, well chosen cards through your printer cut regular paper to size and do a test print. Do as many test prints as you need to make sure you have your formatting where you want it and they are perfect before you get started on your invitation card.
* Purchase a few extras. We all make mistakes and its handy to have a few spares just in case! You may also like to invite someone else if you get a 'sorry we can't come. Or even make yourself a keepsake for your wedding album.
* Choose the correct glue or tape. Some kraft glues can ripple your papers and be messy and hard to use. A hot glue gun is good for sticking starfish and other bulky embellishments on and double sided tape is also very handy.


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